Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Tigress and the Nerds

Tasked with finding a good fighting sequence involving Tigress from Kung Fu Panda, I have been flipping through numerous YouTube tributes and comp videos and this character intrigues me more and more.

Tigress is a female character, but none of her motivations are what we are used to from watching numerous female characters in films and cartoons. Here, her drive is for her master's approval. I.e. a typical father/son scenario where the father is distant and demanding and the son is trying to prove his worth no matter what. Only here it's a daughter.  And she's not docile and gentle. She's not even nice. She is strong, driven, and a bit arrogant. And tortured.

Misunderstood characters trying to do their best is by no means new.What is interesting here is the subtle gender-bending that is going on. Not only the female character is portrayed as the strongest among the group of the male characters, her motivations are also totally human, not "girly" (no mention of princes anywhere). 

The Tigress strikes a cord with under-appreciated youth everywhere, so no wonder that Linkin Park is one of the favourite soundtracks for the video tributes to The Tigress. This is the boys associating themselves with a female character. I think it's pretty damn cool.

Also this is the second post in this blog, coming exactly a year after the first one. Is one posting a year a manageable enough feat for myself I ask? Only time will show.

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